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dedicated lining and surfacing solutions from LMS Highways
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Factory and Warehouse Line Marking
Our factory line marking service brings health and safety benefits to dangerous environments.
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We have over 30 years experience!

Companies often spend a significant amount of time and resource on the planning of logistically effective methods of production and movement routes to and from the elements in the production process. This time and money can not only be wasted if the markings are ineffective or inaccurate, but the system in general can become the subject of negative observations by inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive.

We supply a wide variety of warehouse and factory solutions, including health and safety markings and walkway and forklift routes.

Working closely with the customer, we ensure all markings not only fit the budget, but also conform to both the company branding and any health and safety requirements, we appreciate that these specifications are extremely varied so we can be more than flexible to suit your regulations and requirements.

Questions about factory markings?
Contact us for friendly local advice, a quote or site visit. We have depots across the UK.
Recent Work & News
With a rail enthusiast in our Newton Abbot head office, it was always going to be satisfying for our Contract Manager when we were asked to line mark one of the local Steam Railway stations.
We have just completed a job in Chard, Somerset, working directly for a local company.
Working on behalf of a contractor we were recently booked to remove and install a number of parking spaces and road markings for a holiday village in Wiltshire.
Working on behalf of a local contractor we had the pleasure of working on brand new tarmac recently in Tiverton.
On behalf of a contractor customer we sent an experienced HFS crew to Exmouth in Devon.
We had a beautiful blue sky and sunshine at the start of the day when we sent a two man crew to Dartmouth for a trip across the River Dart (and back again!).
Working on on behalf of a contractor we were asked to go to Salisbury District Hospital, Breast Care Unit and refresh the old car park lining.
We were asked by a local contractor to remove old line markings and replace with new on a shared foot path and crossing area in Seaton, Devon.
Working the night shift recently at the Torbay recycle centre in Paignton, we were asked to put a number of safety features in place for TOR2.
Working on behalf of a local contractor we were called to install new line markings at an executive car dealership in Exeter.
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